Bowling For Columbine Movie Review

In Michael Moore’s movie, Bowling for Columbine, he addresses the issue of guns and why Americans kill over 11,000 other Americans with guns every year. Moore stresses the question of why America, as compared to other countries, both 1st and 2nd world, towers above the rest with a staggering kill rate of an average 3000% higher than anyone else. He asks who is to blame and wonders why Canada, in particular, is not very violent. Canada is so laid back that many people always leave the doors of their house unlocked.

When a tragedy occurs, America is quick to point fingers. For example, after the Columbine High School shootings, many people began to blame the shock rocker Marilyn Manson because the teen shooters listened to his music. This blame game is nothing new. In the late eighties, a man killed his girlfriend and blamed it on the lyrics of Used to Love Her, a Guns n’ Roses song. In Used to Love Her, Axl Rose sings the lyrics I used to love her, but I had to kill her, she bitched so much, she drove me nuts, and now she’s buried right here in my backyard. Actually, Used to Love Her was meant to be a funny song about a guy whose dog drove him and his neighbors nuts with its barking.

Manson and Moore agree on one point, America’s media is quick to point a finger simply to do nothing more than profit financially. Through fear, the media captivates Americans and guides the masses to shoot first and ask questions later. After a tragedy, America is usually kept guessing as to the cause of the event, further eating away self-advancement of America as a whole and keeping power in the hands of the wealthy. Christians believe fear is a demon, with a sole purpose of man’s self-destruction. Some believe fear is a natural part of the flesh, which, when used correctly, can control the masses and ensure our survival as a species through the empowerment of guiding forces, whether these forces are human or human-made gods.

Moore also spent a great deal of time blaming the white man, and eventually blaming the media, for black oppression. He took this point to a great exaggeration when he talked about killer bees. He tried to sway people to his belief by saying the media was prejudice when they characterized bees into two categories. Africanized bees, or killer bees from Africa, are seen as aggressive violent creatures, or the black man, and European bees, or the bees commonly found native to America, are seen as gentle relaxed creatures, or the white man.

Moore had an interview with a superintendent of schools who viewed children as the enemy. The superintendent said that you never know where the enemy is going to come from. He also made a remark about students being guerilla soldiers. Could this be closer to the truth about the cause of American killings by guns?

Parents can only guide their children in the right direction and cannot always be with them. Children spend a great deal of time at school and at functions where authority, other than that child’s parents, is present and dominate. When a child, or anyone for that matter, senses the present authority is condescending, the natural reaction is rebellion. True, a person’s actions are a result of his or her own choices and decisions, but, even the most depressed person will value his or her self-worth over a moral obligation to god, parents, or even self.