Dictator of the New World Order

There are 32 czars who are not appointed by Congress or Senate and are only accountable to President Obama. A communist was head of Stimulus Program. The New World Order is The Revived Roman Empire. The term used to define a one world government, The New World Order, was coined by President Bush Sr and Mikhail Gorbachev.

The Bilderbergs said through Henry Kissinger, “We are going to prepare Obama to be the one who beings to create and lead this New World Order.” How does he come to power? Through a peace contract that gets Israel and the Arabs to agree, but it will not work. Russia will invade and China will help them and the rest of the Arab world will also join in in an attempt to wipe out Israel.

In the bible, there are 32 names given to the dictator of the new world order. In the new testament only one name given to this dictator, the beast. The beast is mentioned 35 times.

The beast is used because starting with Babylon, the insignia was a lion that roared. When Persians took over Babylon, the new insignia became a bear manipulative. When Greece took over it became a leopard because Alexander The Great conquered the world with a quickness. Now, this New World Dictator is called The Beast because all these animals are incorporated in the empire he controls. We have had 6 world empires in the past, and we will have one more final world empire.

This dictator will be an intellectual genius, an oratorical genius, a political genius able to control politics around the world through flattery praising everybody, a commercial genius being able to control the economics of the world, a military genius, an administrative genius with great authority, a religious genius able to control religions around the world. All the world who do not know any better will worship him until he believes he is God.

Henry Kissinger wants to nominate Obama to be president of the European Union (The New World Order) and has plans to microchip all the citizens of the world by 2017.

Watch the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QUt41iJEII

-Identify the major events that must take place before the leader of the new world order can be revealed
-Illuminate the main characteristics the Bible predicts he must possess and
-Explain the likelihood that he could come to power at any moment!

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