Enron Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of Enron was laced with deceitful snakes that made it clear to all employees that the good of the company came before any personal code of ethics.

Kill or be killed was the company motto. Those employees who did not make profits for the corporation were whacked out of the company with a swift kick in the rump.

If one were to look down upon Enron from the sky, the resulting vision would be similar to watching a dirt hill filled with ants, all of whom were fighting fiercely for the privilege to remain upon the hill gathering goods from nearby fruit trees for the queens and surviving from the carcasses of their fellow piss ants. Rain is inevitable, and once the dirt hill turns into mud, and all the pretty corridors which lie beneath the surface of the dirt begin to cave in, leaving one big pile of muck where the only future in sight is what new hands can forge of it, the old queens have already died and new ones have spread their wings and ventured away to start new colonies.

In essence, bad guys got greedy, good guys got hurt, and the dirt hill Enron collapsed, creating a mountain of trouble for all the investors who believed the pile of dirt was a palace.

Enron told its employees that everything was great when, in fact, it was not. Top management was selling off their private stock while persuading employees to buy more company stock. Many retirement accounts were heavily invested in Enron itself.

Customers were mislead in believing their power was being brought in from out of state when it was really being pumped out of state and brought back in by Enron and covered up with questionable accounting practices.

Investors were made to believe the company was doing great, but it was really losing money. This false belief lead to higher stock prices when lower prices and lower purchases should have existed. Auditors and attorneys were in on the scheme too.

The world has a certain level of trust it puts into those who double check the inner-workings of our society. When preyed upon, this trust can temporarily blind us as a whole, but eventually someone’s light will shine through, just as Sherron Watkins’ light did. Enron scoundrels treated her in the same manner as they did the other piss ants, rewarding her with corporate death as her carcass was being carried out to the dark, metal desk area where crazy mumbling Office Space members gnash their teeth.