Illegal Aliens

An estimated 8-10 million illegal aliens are currently living in the United States, with 800,000 thought to be coming in every year. Since 1986, Congress has passed seven different amnesties for illegal aliens. Racial profiling laws have made local law enforcement officers stray from their job of approaching suspected illegal aliens for fear that a racial lawsuit might ensue. Illegal aliens are lawbreakers. We reward all American citizen lawbreakers with legal systems set into effect by the Bill of Rights. Should we do the same for illegal aliens?

Illegal aliens do one thing. They steal jobs from American people. Illegal aliens have driven pay scales down so low that no self-respecting American citizen should want the dirty remnants of an illegal alien’s job once the alien has finally been deported. A report by the Wall Street investment firm Bear Stearns early in January revealed that the employment of illegal aliens is a direct threat to middle class workers in the United States. According to the report, 4-6 million jobs formerly held by middle class American citizens have been stolen by illegal aliens since 1990.

Illegal aliens enter into our country as convicted enemies of the state, for no trial is needed to prove his or her guilt. Due process, as well as any of the other rights guaranteed to American Citizens, should not apply. Even though an illegal alien, once caught, undergoes a system of deportment, it is strictly for America’s benefit and not that of the alien.

Political refuge is the only exception that should be granted to illegal aliens if the illegal alien would register as an oppressed person as soon as he or she enters our country. Still, though, there should be an extensive background search done on the alien, as well as top secret psychological tests, and whatever else is necessary to ensure our freedom as American citizens before the alien is permitted to stay in America as a legal alien.

Legal aliens, once completely checked out as a non-threat, should have all the rights guaranteed to American Citizens under the Bill of Rights. They should have no special privileges though. I know two young men from Bulgaria. I worked with them. They go to school in Bulgaria, one for accounting, and the other for psychology. They come to the United States every year, legally, to work during their summer break; however, they pay no taxes out of their check, except for Medicare because they have a medical card. Is that right? They drive on our roads and work through our temp services, but pay no taxes, yet they have a job and free medical care whereas some American does not. I was born in America and have worked here since I was nine years old, yet, when my son was hospitalized for a severe case of croup, and I was between health insurance carriers, all of the sudden I had a $30,000 medical bill to pay because the government would not help me pay it. Is that right?

statistics all compiled in 2005.