Social Responsibility

Hopefully less people are blinded by the mask of 1950s government regulation nostalgia that corporations attempt to force us to perceive.

In a post-corporate law ruling society such as ours where laws have been bred over time to work for the organized criminals that run our economy, and not for the people who work in it, we can no longer stand down and pretend like we are not victims. Social responsibility is all of our problem, and not just our elected officials’ duty to protect us.

The time has come to take matters into our own hands. These stone statues with their deadened beliefs have no place in my generation’s world. The law is against the little man. Whenever we attempt to rise up against our enemies, the Corporate States of America shoot us down.

I have seen many mass graves in my homeland. Strung out beings oblivious to the light they possess zombie themselves in a shell of hard core drugs and moshing, rap and banging, fear and loathing. When will it end?

Devious beings are coming out of the woodwork, and why? Corporate America with its money hungry demons has hypnotized the new world into believing all is right as long as number one is taken care of.

Who will be there to pick up the pieces of a fallen society? It will surely not be the ones who have created it because they will be long gone. It will definitely be the ones in training right now, the future leaders of this mess made mud. With our hands we will mold the mud into creations of substance, food for society. We will feed the hungry who have lost their humanity to demons cloaked in glee.

Joyousness will be truth once again instead of lies made of drugs that lead a society to seek immediate gratification and pay the price for its shame with only money that is fuel for the fires of antiquity, instead of self-advancement being bought with insight that can create wealth yielding wealth.

Social responsibility is on the shoulders of the wise. A new system is in the making. Truth is at the heart of it.