Why Was The United States Constitution Written?

The United States Constitution

The United States Constitution

The United States Constitution was written for the preservation of a society. For a society to prevail, control must remain upon the heads of its average persons, or cogs. Every cog in the wheel of being is part of a much larger system, with the system having no ends nor recorded beginning. If our social evolutionary revolutions are to remain intact, allowing us to move forward, social conflict is a necessity, and it is our driving force.

Bill Gates rose to be one of the richest persons in America. Did Bill Gates set out to create a product for the betterment of a society, or did he have his own agenda? Does it matter? The fact is that Microsoft has made a wealth all its own. People have freedom to create, promote and execute their own business easily, whereas, without Microsoft, this might not be possible. At the time of The United States Constitution’s emergence, George Washington was the richest person in America.

I believe slaves and slave owners are the only two types of people that exist. Slave owners control all means to production, and they create laws to ensure those means will survive, whether the means are human beings or machines. Slaves, of course, would then be all who do not own the means to production.

The signers of The United States Constitution consisted largely of lawyers, manufacturing and shipping entrepreneurs, and creditors. Forty out of the fifty-five framers of The United States Constitution held government bonds, so, of course, these framers would have wanted America to survive and dominate.

Leaders are born with an intuition guiding them toward greatness. Greatness is reached through a constant drive governed by a person’s perspective. A perspective that leads to preservation of a society will always prevail because evolution weeds out the weak and favors the strong.

Do I think The United States Constitution was written giving a better deal to the rich? I think The United States Constitution was written to be a security measure so that corporate America would survive. Every American has the right to attempt to become a corporate elitist person. Anyone can achieve slave owner status, and that fact is the beauty of American Freedom.

Corporate America is the backbone of The United States Of America, replacing the once empowered churches of conformity. I believe The United States Constitution gives a great deal to every American citizen.

Social inequalities will never be done away with because they do not exist. In America, there are social divides, but not inequalities. Everyone is equal. Some people just have a harder road to travel than others. I believe all the pushes against a person makes that person stronger. By the time a person, through hard work and dedication, achieves the status of corporate elitist, he or she should be an extremely strong individual, with all the necessary qualities to become an ideal leader. It is precisely these types of leaders who easily become the driving force of the cogs.